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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Smart Sale different from its competitors?

There are many differentiators.

First off, Smart Sale offers unprecedented technological features that are proven to work. There are other companies offering similar products that will get your warehouse online by creating a web-store, but we took it one step further by creating a native mobile application.

Customers no longer need to run to a computer to make an order, but simply pull out their smartphone and order the products they need with a few easy taps. You can also send your customers push notifications directly to their online device, informing them of what’s on sale, and communicating for individual attention and added retention.

We’ve created built-in sales tools that aren’t offered with any other platform or ERP. These tools are guaranteed to quickly sell your merchandise.

Last but not least, Smart Sale is very competitively priced. You’ll get more and pay less.

Contact us today and book a free demo to really see the difference.

What's a native mobile application?

A native application is one that was designed to run on a specific platform, in Smart Sale’s case, iOS and Android.  It ensures that your customers can browse and search through your warehouse catalogue on their mobile phone or tablet with speed and precision. It took our development team years to create the native application, but since our clients are wholesalers and distributers who house thousands of products, any platform other than native just wouldn’t cut it. We know that most people delete slow running apps, and that’s not a risk that we were willing to take.

How long is the product demo?

The Smart Sale demo typically takes 20-30 minutes. Our service reps will dedicate as much time as you need for follow-up questions.

What is the pricing structure of Smart Sale?

Smart Sale offers affordable pricing structures that are customized to fit your business. During your demo presentation you will be able to provide details about your company, and we will be happy to provide you with a price quote upon request.

How fast will my Smart Sale account be setup?

While other companies ask you to wait 15-30 days for full integration and setup, Smart Sale’s setup time will take about 48 to 72 hours, depending on your ERP. During this period our technical integration team will link Smart Sale with your current ERP and setup your new mobile application and online web-store so you’ll be ready to profit in hours.

What is your refund policy?

Smart Sale is a SaaS product (Software as a Service) for which the customer pays a monthly fee. However, we do offer a no-questions-asked refund to all customers within 30 days of your initial purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply contact us and we will refund your subscription amount right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community of subscribers. Once you use Smart Sale, we are confident that you’ll enjoy the product and its unprecedented benefits.

What if I don’t use an ERP? Can I still use Smart Sale?

Absolutely. Not having an ERP means that there is no integration necessary. In many ways, the Smart Sale Management Dashboard can be used as a sales, client and agent management system. All orders can be managed directly on the Smart Sale platform, and once completed, can be pushed to the Order History section for future reference.

As well, our integration team can assist you with creating a library file that will host the majority of your data and images and also assist with importing data using spreadsheets.

The Perfect Solution for Wholesalers

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Our sales have nearly doubled in a short amount of time”

“Our customers are very busy people, so Smart Sale was the perfect choice for our company. Our clients order using the Smart Sale platform, which means we automatically receive and process orders 24/7. Our sales have nearly doubled in a short amount of time and we’re much more organized. We’re very thankful.”

David Park

CTO , Bee Sales Beauty Supplies

Moving merchandise isn’t a problem for us anymore

“Our warehouse distributes thousands of fishing and sporting good items and we had a problem with overstocked merchandise occupying warehouse space. The “Hot Sales” feature helps us reach our customers and effectively promote our products by alerting clients about what’s new and what’s on sale. Moving merchandise isn’t a problem for us anymore.”

Clifford Harris

Vice President, Triple S Sporting Supplies

No more mistakes. I’m saving money, and my customers are happy.

“Nothing frustrated me more than when my clients would receive the wrong order. I’d have to resend my truck to the customer with the correct shipment, and then do my best to compensate my clients for the inconvenience. With Smart Sale, there are no more expensive mistakes. I’m saving money, and my customers are happy.”

Ron Fishman

Co-Founder, Paldinox Housewares Ltd.

Our customers love this. No waiting or paperwork, all orders are processed on the spot.

“The functionality went above and beyond our expectations. Our sales team uses Smart Sale’s Agent App when in the field. The reps present our product catalogue using an iPad and our customers love this. No waiting or paperwork, all orders are processed on the spot. We also use the app to monitor sales performance. We’re much more efficient thanks to this solution. ”

Jacky Gabay

VP of Sales, Studio Ceramica