Eliminate Errors & Save Money

Sales orders are often created via inbound calls, emails and faxes, all of which can be imprecise, leaving room for confusion and human-error.

Statistically speaking, industry standards report a minimum of 4% loss in revenue per month as a result of errors, typos and miscommunication. As companies grow, manually inputting information becomes increasingly difficult, and leaves even more room for potential mistakes and oversights.

Smart Sale eliminates these problems using integrated automation. Once the customer places an order, the details of the order will be displayed and will await confirmation before being finalized, effectively decreasing chances of inaccuracies. Once confirmed, the order information is automatically processed and updated in your ERP within seconds.

The client is instantly emailed a PDF receipt, while this same information is simultaneously pushed to you. Both of you are now informed. You save money, and the client enjoys a smooth customer experience. Everybody wins.

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