Management Dashboard

The intuitive and user-friendly admin dashboard makes running your business a simple and enjoyable experience

Let your customers know about new or discounted items using the ‘Hot Sales’ tool

  • Your customers will know what’s on sale after receiving an alert/notification on their mobile device.

Filter and then target your inactive clients for retention:

  • Now you can see which clients haven’t been purchasing from you, and send them special deals and/or messages with a click, regaining client interest

All purchase history is instantly recorded

  • Your customers will receive an email invoice seconds after every order made

You can customize the system to your brand.

  • Add your logo, choose your color scheme, and much more

Reservation statuses can be easily monitored and managed via the system

  • All orders and their statuses are clearly displayed for your reference

Improved organization through categories:

  • The system neatly categorizes your promotions, discounts, customer groups, documents, fees etc.
  • All of your product images are neatly stored and displayed in rows

All orders can be changed or updated on the manager system.

  • Clients will receive an email notification informing them of the change, once client confirms, the changes are made

Improve your communication with your clients using the messaging option:

  • Nurture your current client base by receiving your customer feedback and communicating when necessary

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