Grow your business online with Smart Sale.

Selling your merchandise online is essential for business growth in today’s evolving B2B sector.

As a wholesaler, your goal is to reach and connect with as many clients as possible. Your customers are busy people who want instant access to the items they need to purchase at all times of the day, regardless of where they are. Providing your customers with a mobile and web ordering platform is the only way to effectively grow your business while meeting customer expectations.  That’s why we created Smart Sale. 


Why start selling online?

It’s simple – traditional ordering methods are inefficient and time consuming. In today’s business world, clients want continuous online access to merchandise. By limiting your ordering methods to phone, email and fax, you are limiting your sales revenue, increasing the likelihood for costly human errors, and ultimately risk losing out to the competition. Smart Sale eliminates these problems by giving your customers around the clock access to your merchandise while automating the ordering process. The result – a smooth, error-free ordering experience.

Why Smart Sale?

While other companies may offer you an online web-store, Smart Sale goes above and beyond by providing you with a native mobile application – allowing your customers to place orders from any mobile device. Smart Sale is also equipped with innovative marketing tools, such as push notifications, which notify your clients of sales and new products instantly – something no other web platform will do.

Smart Sale is guaranteed to increase revenue, and maximize business efficiency – all for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.




Mobile technology is NOT the future… it’s the present.

Wholesalers who fail to meet the rising expectations of their customers risk losing out to their competition.

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We can provide live online training sessions to the administrators and users of our management platform. On-site training can also be provided to those who have a travel budget.


Our support desk and engineering team is readily available to assist you or your admin staff with any questions or troubleshooting needs.


We perform regular maintenance on our systems to keep our platform performing optimally. In addition, all subscribers receive free access to all new features introduced into the app.

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